If you want to buy something you go to the market and do some bargaining with the seller most of the time unlike some exceptional cases. It is natural for every human being as they like to do so. But there is a matter of winning the bargaining or the transaction as we see with the builders.

When you buy a new home or make some home extension it can be a tough job to win over the price from them. 

More often you will find them difficult to lower the prices whereas they are concerned about their profit making.However, new planning rules for the home extension is coming whereas it will be a better bargaining approach from both ends.

Here you can follow the below points in case of purchasing or dealing with them to win over the deal:

  • Do some research at home: What will be the acquisition price or relevant expenses? What kind of services will they provide? And  what others are offering?
  • Be confirmed about the offer: Either the offer is long term or short term basis? Either any discount or coupon will be provided or not? Make sure all of that.
  • Make a list of the projects: Find out the added requirement and make a proper list of the total project, let not anything out of the list.
  • Don’t be desperate: If you look at their service attractive and handy do not show your desperation on it. Just stay calm and wait for the final call.
  • Guarantee or insurance provided: What type of guarantee and insurance will they provide? What type of supplementary services will they offer? 

Negotiation and bargaining with builders:

       The most buyers find it challenging for the volatile market policy and builder’s point of choice that can lead to weighing down their negotiations. “A negotiator should observe everything. You must be part Sherlock Holmes, part Sigmund Freud.” – Victor Kiam.

       You should possess some integrity and specific to your choices toward the deal as required. When you go for your home extensions bespoke that can lead you to your point of choice and taste.

Relationship and Communication with builders:

Now lets talk about the relationship. Your relationship skills that you inherited from your family and your relatives will work here. An effective communication eradicates all types of misconception and misinformation from both ends. 

Relationship building and maintaining ensures your win over deal with the builders. Here comes to some queries how to improve your communications:

  • Did you maintain the due formalities and basic communication etiquettes?
  • Did the builders be informed clearly?
  • If You clear your point of view, did it in a written paper bill or it was only verbal?
  • Are you Checking the whether the conversation was successful?
  • Are you aware of the different levels of communication?
  • Have you used the power and magic of language?
  • Have you used the secret psychology of influence?

Solve the dispute and close the deal:

It is not rare that you will complete the deal without any dispute. Sometimes there may occur some discrepancy or fraudulent activities.                                                                                  

At this stage you need to ensure that all the information is right and ready to take appropriate action if needed. 

Try to gather information by the way you reached with the builder like the phone calls, conversations, messages and notes you took while the deal was ongoing.

It is almost best to talk to other parties wherever possible when a dispute occurs. It is almost cost effective and easy going to control. 

If you cannot manage to handle the dispute you should send him mail or a letter for the meeting and call other parties to resolve the issues. Here you can give the other party a date to meet. 

If it is not working finally you can hire a legal advisor. It will be wise to get legal advice to resolve building disputes as very few of us know where to stand and where not to.

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